Confirm with us before making any attempt — Guinness World Records warns Participants

In the wake of marathons, after chef Hilda Baci has declared the Guinness World Record holder for the longest cooking marathon, with a time of 93 hours 11 minutes, a lot of Nigerians have applied to the Guinness World Record, attempting to break their own records.

Currently, an Ondo-based chef, Adeola Adeyeye is attempting a 150-hour cook-a-thon with hopes to hit 150 hours by July 7.

Reacting to this, Guinness World Record decided to send a polite reminder to all attempting to break a world record to have their title confirmed by the organisation so as not to end up wasting their time.

GWR in a post on their official Twitter page wrote;

“polite reminder that you should probably have your world record title confirmed by our team before attempting it, here’s how our process works 👇“

The tweet has garnered reactions from social media users, particularly Nigerians, who believed it was a subtle shade at all attempting to break a record.

Here are some reactions below:

@Harcourt reacted: “They made this post because of Nigerians.”

@AbdulWasih said: “Just say “Dear Nigerians”, stop going thru the corners.”

@IchieZeb commented: “But some records in GWR were not confirmed or applied before they were set.”

@keneben1 said: “Na Nigerians get this sub.”

@ChimyCent reacted: “Na Nigerians get dis one bah? Just tell us to our face, no dey disguise.”

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