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Daniel Regha links up with Nasboi after “Trashing” his music

Twitter critic, Daniel Regha has linked up with skitmaker turned musician, Nasboi after shutting down Nasboi’s request to dance to his latest song, ‘Umbrella’.

The Twitter influencer had only recently angered Lawal ‘Nasboi’ Nasiru by advising him about his vocal performance on stage.

The skit-maker who recently dropped a song titled ‘Umbrella’ has been getting massive reviews from fans and colleagues, and in the heat of the buzz, Regha slid into his DM to advise him to go easy on his shouting and place focus on his breath control.

In a bid to make peace, Nasboi asked for a  link up with the Twitter influencer so they could do the dance challenge for his song Umbrella. However, Daniel Regha refused in a very rude manner, calling the lyrics to the song terrible and asking him to reach out via DM next time.

In his words;

“Hello @iamnasboi, I appreciate the thought but unfortunately I’m not a fan of the song due to the terrib!e lyrics, plus u should’ve reached out to me via DM. Asking publicly won’t get me to say Yes. Looking forward to ur next projects tho, hopefully u drop ur first hit song this year. No offense.”

However, on Wednesday night, the comic act announced via Twitter that Regha is his guy and the entire beef was all part of PR. He said he and the controversial critic finally linked up sothey could do the dance challenge for his song Umbrella. The content creator shared a photoshopped image of himself and Daniel in a room together in preparation.

Nasboi wrote; “Me and my guy Dey together. Na just PR. Dance video soon. Cc @DanielRegha”.


@supolMUSA commented; “Na photoshop be this, how @DanielRegha go wear this kind fine cloth.”

@jujupunter; “Na for me to invite @DanielRegha come make we gada book game con remain be dat”.

@obajemujnr; “Tagging Daniel to avoid backlash? Normally Daniel will still come for you”

@thatbobpr; “Thank God Daniel has changed cloth”.

@SpSoftie; “Na Photoshop be this or wetin. Daniel Regha what were you saying some hours ago on this platform about this dance? If this dance ever happen, you’ll be a píg.”

By Ezinne Joy Okorie 

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