“Don’t act like you like me then talk shit behind my back”- Laycon lashes out at haters

Reality TV star, Laycon has addressed his haters, noting that they don’t need to pull him down in order to rise because God got him two his current position and he will continue to conquer. 

In a rather lengthy Instagram post, Laycon addressed those who pretend to like him but go behind his back to talk ill of him. He said that whatever they said behind his back will still come back to him because God ends up exposing them all.

Here’s what he wrote;

“Don’t act like you like me then talk shit about me behind my back, because whatever you say will definitely come back to me.

You don’t need to put me down to rise up. When will you guys understand that’s not how life works. God will never dim my light for yours to shine. This thing is all God so if you think it’s by bad-mouthing, God go show you pepper. I didn’t get here by myself, I got God behind me. Na why God go dey always expose all of you.

Do good and that’s what will come back to you. In the end, they will package all of us and dump us 6ft when we die.

Laycon will continue to win, evolve, conquer and break records. I will continue to change my life and other people’s lives positively”.

Laycon recently performed at the Grammy Recording Academy. He bragged about his performance on Channels TV, saying that he is excited about his Grammy performance and he won’t try to pretend about it because it is a big deal to him.

He said, “I’m just here. It’s not even up to a year. This is where a lot of people want to be. I appreciate this a lot.” 

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