“Don’t get me angry!”- Skales furiously calls out wife for mourning his late mother

It is raining fire and brimstone in popular singer Skales one year old marriage.

A few days ago Skales beckoned on the public to pray for his mental health, whilst he advised them to beware of marrying a heartless person.

“In all you do make sure you don’t marry a heartless person. Pray for my mental health”,he wrote.

After a quick check on his page, it was noticed that Skales had also unfollowed his wife, who also reciprocated the gesture.

This is coming after the singer announced the death of his mother.

In a quick turn of events, his wife Hasanity took to social media to mourn the death of the singer’s mother, reminiscing on their good memories together.

“Took me a while to recover from this mama, you will forever be missed. I’ll miss playing with your cheeks, I will miss you telling me my dress is too short, who will call me “my pikin”?

“I love you but God loves you more mama. I’ll miss all the times we spent, I’ll always miss taking care of you, and now I will definitely gisting with you, but it is well….

‘Goodnight queen”, she had written.

Skales who wouldn’t take her “sudden show of care” immediately called her out, warning her to take down the post and try showing same care in real life instead of doing the public display of affection just for the gram.

A furious Skales wrote, “Take this post down @her_sanity11….show the same care in real life… Stop doing this for the gram…don’t get me angry”.

In reaction;

jasmine_precious wrote, “Think it’s best we all start signing contracts have kids nd co-parent peacefully.. cause ehn marriage no longer have value.” 

suaveskin.co: “I don already know say the first post na wash may God airpus.” 

chiskyetc: “The moment I saw her post I knew she’s a manipulator.” 

ugo.logo: “Honestly I didn’t like that video she posted of her late mother inlaw. More like she was shaming her.” 

krisfun_: “I think co-parenting is the new marriage, y’all should do that in peace rather than dragging each other like generator on gram.” 

sugarbaby_mimi126: “Where are the set of people that say he’s not referring her wife he’s referring to her mumokan yin oni Bâle”.

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