Ex Big Brother Naija Housemate Khloe Shamefully Confirms Butt Implant Rumors After Being Dragged Out On Social Media

The instant body goal of Abiri Oluwabusayomi otherwise known as Khloe was a talk of the moment as many confirmed that she went under the knife as she worked on her body, to fit into her line of business.

With all the rumors that went around, and many calling her out asking if she was pregnant, or took pills to add some flesh as she was always known to be skinny.

Well it came as a shock to many with her overnight body goals, which could only conclude that she had her body done.


Well the Ex Big Brother Naija House Mate, at first could not hold it up to her chest that she had surgery, as she has always come out to say she has been eating much lately and as such adding too many weights.


She also went as far as making a video showing off her big tummy to debunk the rumors about her being pregnant as she said she’s been eating much lately.

Weeks after her denial of getting her body done, photos of the beauty tips queen surfaced on the internet confirming she had surgery, which left her with no other option than to spill the beans, as she took to her Instagram page, confirming she went under the knife to get her dream body goals.


One cant help but wonder, why the lies at first, why wait until being dragged? Well guess everyone can now peacefully raise their glass of wine and cheers to her being bold and coming out of the dark.

Quick question, why do people get their body done? Why do most ladies undergo surgery just to have their perfect body goal? Your thoughts please.

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