Dwayne The Rock Johnson Confirms Himself And His Family Contracted Corona Virus

Covid-19 is a respecter of no one, this has been made known by Dwayne Johnson “the rock” as he took to his social media pages to break the news that he contracted the corona virus as he showed symptoms and took the Covid-19 test. The result came out positive but he had already spread it to his wife and daughter as well as other members of his immediate family.


He confirmed that his family contracted the virus from a very close family friend, clearing the air that just because you know some people love you doesn’t mean they can’t unknowingly hurt you.

He also confirmed that his wife Lauren and his two beautiful daughters Jasmine and Tiana have recovered from the virus, as his daughters were not badly infected with it as they have both recovered fully because they noticed their symptoms early enough.

Watching this video of The Rock Johnson sharing this experience about corona virus and how his family’s commitment to good health and total well-being boosted their immune systems, which made him believe they can pull through that phase, has shown that, rather than panicking and feeling uneasy getting all worked up and worried, it is better to fight and believe you can pull through whatever situation you find yourself.

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