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Fan Blasts Teni for failing to fulfill her N100k Promise

Hours after blessing a fan with five hundred thousand Naira while performing on stage in Edo Stage, Nigerian singer, Teni gets called out by a fan for failing to fulfill her hundred thousand Naira promise at a concert in Ibadan.

It all started after a video of Teni’s performance in Edo state surfaced online. She sent her crowd into a frenzy after she blessed a fan with N500k on stage.

This triggered a fan identified as Lovelybrozy to disclose how Teni promised him a said N100k that never got to his reach. He revealed that the money was compensation after the singer’s bouncers threw him off the stage.

According to Lovelybrozy, when Teni was thrilling her fans in Ibadan with an electrifying performance, he decided to climb the stage with the singer but was pushed back into the crowd by her bouncers of which he sustained a head injury.

Upon noticing the abuse the fan was made to suffer, Teni called him back on stage and said that she cannot come to the State without blessing one person, hence she asked the fan to go backstage to see her manager for an amount of N100k.

Upon meeting the manager, Lovelybrozy revealed that he was made to write down his account number and also asked to copy the manager’s number on Teni’s IG page to send his account number via E-mail for the money to be sent to his account.

The fan stated that he called the manager’s number the next day but he gave an excuse that the singer was busy and would get back to him when she is less busy. He called back the following day and was told the same excuse and after that, the manager refused to pick up his calls or reply to his messages. He went further to even tell the manager that his family was depending on that money but he was still ignored.

He narrated;

“Teni was performing on stage which I decided to climb on stage with her, getting on stage the BOUNCERS threw me away which I had an injury on the head by the throwing. After I landed on the floor, Teni saw the way the bouncers threw me and she called me back on stage and she said I CAN’T COME TO IBADAN WITHOUT BLESSING ONE PERSON, by her saying that I was very damm HAPPY and I started crying thinking my bad days are over.

Teni now said I should follow his MANAGER to the backstage to give me 100k when I heard that the crowd was happy including me. When we got backstage, the MANAGER told me to write down my account number which I did immediately, after that he told me to go to Teni BIO on INSTAGRAM to copy his number and I did. So the next day i sent my account number to him through SMS and I called him and he said Teni is busy that I should have patient, so the next day I called him again and he said the same thing and after that I started sending numerous messages to him telling him life depends on that money that it will change a lot of things in my family but he refused to pick my calls or reply my messages till now.” 

He went as far as retrieving footage of where Teni made the promise, just to prove that he was telling the truth and not clout chasing as people had assumed.

See the video below:

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