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Queen reacts after WhiteMoney’s fan called her out for allegedly being a fake friend

Big Brother Naija star, Queen has reacted after a diehard fan of the fellow reality star, Whitemoney accused her of being a fake friend.

It all started after a Twitter user @Mumchomzy called Queen out on the platform, alleging that she’s desperate to be in a relationship with the season 6 winner after claiming that she had no feelings for him but merely wanted him in order to gain endorsement deals.

@Mumchomzy’s post stirred reactions from other Whitemoney’s fans who supported the claim and brutally dragged Queen.

Reacting to the backlash, Queen revealed that @Mumchomzy who she described as the head of Whitemoney’s fans sent her a private message on Instagram and blocked her even before she could reply.

Queen also maintained that contrary to what they alleged she has always shown support for Whitemoney on and off social media.

“Dear mummy Chomzy, you’re the head of the Whitemoney geng. I have had your favourite’s back on social media and off social media. I’ve had his back from Biggie’s house till today, I have never disrespected him. Even when I get dragged I don’t pay attention. I guess you don’t know because if you do, trust me, you won’t call me all the names you’re calling me.

But since you’ve taken it upon yourself to call me names and make people call me names for no reason. All I have to say is thank you and may God bless you. PS: all my interviews are on YouTube, you can go watch”, Queen responded.

This comes after Queen revealed the qualities she sees in her love interest, White Money, which makes him a complete husband material for her.

In a recent interview, Queen revealed that despite discovering an attraction in her fellow former housemate, Cross, White Money is still her choice of a man to settle down with. 

This won’t be the first time Queen is being dragged over Whitemoney. She recently got off with a TV presenter, Kachi Offiah who emphasized that Queen referred to Whitemoney as her daddy during her interview.

Reacting to this, Queen unleashed her anger at the TV presenter, asking if this was a setup to get the media to drag her. She clearly told Kachi that she doesn’t appreciate people deliberately lying against her but if she’s so sure about the statement she pinned on her, she should share video evidence.

Ms. Offiah later apologizes to the BBN star after paying close attention to the video of the interview. She realized that it was Nini who called Whitemoney her daddy while Queen said she had feelings for him. She further pleaded with fans to leave Queen and drag her because she is the one at fault.

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