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Fans Blast Rosie, For Lying On Her Side Of The Story With Kachi.

Nigerians have reacted to Rosie’s video, giving her side of the story of what happened between her and her fiancé Kachi.
You’ll recall that we reported Kachi revealing in an interview that Rosie got rid of their baby because she wants to concentrate on her career in the movie industry.

Finally, Rosie has come out to share her side of the story, which many found loopholes in, concluding that she is lying.
In the video, Rosie stated that she and Kachi visited her parents, and while they were in the room, she had wanted to tell Kachi that she was pregnant. At the same time, Rosie stated she told Kachi that she got pregnant, but she got rid of it.

She went on to say that after she had told Kachi about her getting rid of the pregnancy, Kachi was angry and wanted to leave. Still, she quickly locked the door, while Kachi struggled to get the key from her, but she didn’t let go.

She said that Kachi, out of anger hit her hand on the wall, causing her to have injured her hand, and she had to let go of the key as she was in pain crying, asking him to go if he wants to.
Sharing a short clip from her side of the story on Instagram, Rosie wrote:

“It’s finally time to speak my TRUTH.
This will be my only final interview on this.
I am ROSEMARY AFUWAPE, a Mother, A sister, a daughter. I am not a MURDERER or an ABORTIONIST.
Please click the link on my bio to watch the full video.”

It looks like not everyone is taking Rosie’s side of her story, as they have reacted to the video in her comment section, calling her a liar. Saying her statements are contradicting each other.
See comments below:

From the look of things, the ultimate love reality show lovers seem to have ended their ship as they have both unfollowed each other on Instagram.

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