Fashola Opposes Calls for Tinubu’s Intervention in Ondo, Rivers Crisis, Calls For Amendment of Ways

A former Minister of Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN), has called on Nigerians to amend their ways.

Fashola made the call at the Nigerian Air Force Officers Mess Honorary Members Forum (HMF) 2023 Annual Lecture in Lagos over the weekend. He was speaking on: “Leadership – Leading the Change.”

His calls follow the political crisis in Rivers and Ondo state respectively. In his opinion, the president does not need to intervene in the ongoing political crisis because the constitution is clear on what should be done and the roles to be played by individuals involved.

According to Fashola, despite calls for the amendments of the Constitution at different times, it is high time Nigerians amended ‘our ways’.

His words: “We have amended the constitution, so what is left to amend, except ourselves? Is this a matter that required presidential intervention when some people were calling for the President to intervene? Does the Constitution assign a role to the President in this matter?

“Are those inviting the President to act in Ondo and Rivers states not aware that the President has no constitutional role in these matters?

“Are they not also those who argue that the Federal Government and, by extension, the President are too powerful and encroaching on the powers of state governments? Is this a case of passing the buck when tough leadership calls are requested to be made?

“Happily, in our Ondo case, some blue blood Ondo indigenes have stood up to be counted. But they are in an obvious minority.

“(They intervened) in the pursuit of law and constitutionality before the governor’s letter restored calm. And we want for leadership in Rivers state to do the needful,” he stated.

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