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Filmmaker Uduak Isong Accused of Money Laundering; Alex Ekubo, Others React

Nigerian Filmmaker, Uduak Isong has been alleged to be a money launderer, by a random Twitter user identified as @obynotony.

According to the Obynitony_, Isong must be into money laundering because she often casts A-list actors in her YouTube movies which has only a few subscribers. The critic further wondered how Isong recovers the funds she put into making such movies with A-list actors.

“All these Nollywood filmmakers like Uduak Isong, who shoots 1hr + movies with established actors and posts on YouTube, how does she make her money? She barely gets up to one million YouTube views and I doubt if that’s up to what she spent…Smells like money laundering.. Hehehe’ ‘he wrote.

Reacting to this, Isong reposted it on Twitter and her colleague, Alex Ekubo commented, “Oshe money launderer. I knew it! I knew your long money was not pure.”

Monalisa Chinda  wrote, “The amount of crab on Twitter eehn. Misinformed, uneducated people who just tweet without thinking. Fragments of their imaginations. Money launder.”

Uduak Isong Oguamanam is an established Nollywood movie director, scriptwriter, and producer. 

In 2015, Uduak produced her first movie “Falling” under her self-owned production company “Closer Pictures”. Isong, recently bagged a Master’s degree in Film from the University of Kent, United Kingdom.

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