Fuel Subsidy: Mbadiwe lauds Buhari on Action

A former Ambassador to Congo, Greg Mbadiwe, has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari to the masses and suspended subsidy removal on petroleum products.

Mbadiwe, a lawyer and chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, noted that Buhari’s decision to suspend subsidy removal eased the tension raised and as well stabilized the personal economy of the nation.

The former ambassador, in a statement he issued in Lagos, noted that Buhari has not only prevented the proposed labor strike but demonstrated to the masses that he cares deeply for their welfare.

” I know that majority of Nigerians are against the withdrawal of fuel subsidy for now. As the leader of the nation, the President has hearkened to the yearnings of the people. That is the hallmark of leadership and statesmanship”, Mbadiwe asserted.

He noted that Buhari’s decision may not have satisfied the International Monetary Fund, but it is necessary to achieve political stability at home. 

Mbadiwe also opined that the government must have considered the global Covid-19 pandemic, which had ravaged the economy for about three years before it suspended the removal of fuel subsidy.

“We are aware of the traumatic effect of the pandemic and its impact on businesses and even the economy. So the decision is salutary”.

The former Ambassador further added that as the coming general elections draw nearer, the nation can not afford a prolonged strike by labor and other distractions that would negatively affect the poll.

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