Galadima Hails Supreme Court Verdict in Kano

Buba Galadima, a prominent member of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), asserts that if the Supreme Court had removed Kano State Governor Abba Yusuf during its historic rulings last Friday, the nation may have been in flames.

The NNPP chieftain stated this on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics. Galadima claimed that after the party ousted the APC from office in the most recent election, there was a plot to unseat the NNPP in Kano.

“There was a plan to take Kano by force from every level,” he alleged, even as he congratulated the Supreme Court for “restoring the honour, dignity of the judiciary”.

“If they had ruled otherwise, they could have been stoned on the street of Nigeria and nobody could be able to ride a car with the inscription of Supreme Court of Nigeria, and there would have been a total of confidence in the judiciary and I don’t think anybody would ever dream of going to the Supreme Court to seek redress,” the NNPP chieftain said.

Galadima also praised President Bola Tinubu for not meddling with the judiciary’s independence despite the involvement of his party man, Nasir Gawuna.

“I am congratulating Mr President for not interfering with the judiciary because Nigeria could have been on fire by now if what happened on Friday did not happen,” 

“I congratulate him (Tinubu) for having the strength of character and you can see that peace has pervaded the whole of Nigeria and our rating in the eyes of the world has come out.”

In an unprecedented move in the history of the country’s courts, the Supreme Court last Friday rendered decisions in eight instances involving governorship conflicts, overturning the decisions of lower courts in three of the cases.

The Supreme Court reversed the earlier rulings of the tribunal and the appellate court to reinstate the governors in the three states; this development has been most welcomed by the opposition NNPP and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which currently controls Kano, as well as Plateau and Zamfara, respectively. Of the eight cases, the ones pertaining to Kano, Zamfara, and Plateau stood out uncannily.

APC gladiators like former Kano governor and current ruling party national chairman Abdullahi Ganduje and opposition heavyweights like 2023 NNPP presidential candidate Rabiu Kwankwaso were locked in a fierce battle for control of the state until Friday’s ruling on the governorship dispute. Tension was high and anxiety was palpable in the North-West state.

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