Group Debunks Afenifere as Being a Political Group

The Yoruba social-cultural group Afenifere has been advised to concentrate more on matters that benefit the Yoruba people.

The Assistant Secretary on Media, Think Yoruba First, TYF, Olakunle Faleti, noted this in a statement. 

He says,  “Afenifere’s focus should be listening to Yorùbá citizens and making available resources for whose interests Afenifere claims to work for.”

“Afenifere has always been seen as the voice of the Yorùbá, a friend, father and leader on the path to actualising a sovereign Yorùbá (Nation) free from all mechanisation and influence of others. But recent rhetoric has proven that we were quite mistaken in what Afenifere represents and what it is they fight for.

“In our observations of recent events, we have discovered some uncomfortable realities. Afenifere has become too invested in the Obedient movement to the point of stating it as the only way forward towards a “One Nigeria” and putting it all behind it.

“It is important to make clear the freedom of each individual to fight reasonably for their desired candidate, but Afenifere, in light of what we assumed it stood for, cannot enjoy this freedom.”

“Coming outright to stand behind a politician and its movement while carrying the Pan-Yorùbá consciousness on its back is wrong, unacceptable and should have been advised against.

“The Pan-Yoruba Organisation has metamorphosed to a political party with branches and members in other regions working together to actualise “One Nigeria” – a unified, indivisible and indissoluble Nigeria. We cannot simply put our trust in you as recurring instances have taught us that politicians will always be politicians”.

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