GWR: Nigerian MC completes 130 hours talking marathon

MC Walter, the Nigerian man who undertook the task of hosting a 130-hour entertainment marathon, has successfully completed the show.

The entertainer took on the role of hosting the show in Abakaliki and made an unwavering promise to engage and entertain his fans non-stop for an extraordinary duration of 130 hours.

The venue of the entertainment marathon was filled with noteworthy occurrences, one of which included a touching marriage proposal by a man to his girlfriend during the event.

After the completion of the marathon, MC Walter in a chat with said it was not an easy task.

He said: “It was difficult, hellish, exhausting and tiring, but our heads were up.” 

When questioned about whether he has submitted the evidence of the entertainment marathon to the Guinness World Records, the MC confirmed that he is currently in the process of working on the submission.

He expressed his intention to have all the necessary evidence and documentation completed and officially submitted to the Guinness World Records by Tuesday.

Walter also spoke on how successful the event was and on whether it met his initial expectations.

His words:

“Was a prayer answered, but a complete answer to the prayer will come after submitting my evidence, and by God’s grace, I get the certificate from GWR. The attempt is the first step.

The second step is now, which is submitting and reviewing of attempted evidence. I got 100% physical support from my family, friends, and fans and my state were 100% with me.” 

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