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Heartbreaking video of Mr Ibu’s last moment on Earth surfaces online

The final moments of veteran Nollywood actor, John Okafor, also known as Mr. Ibu, before his passing on Saturday, has found its way to the internet, leaving the public marred.

 Nollywood lost one of its own, a movie legend, Mr. Ibu on Saturday, March 2. A news that has left the industry and the public at large calm and heartbroken.

In a recent development, a video of the late actor’s last moment on earth found its way to the internet. In the video, the late actor, bedridden on his hospital bed was seen expressing his gratitude to singer Rudeboy of P-Square just a few hours before he passed away.

Mr. Ibu remarked that everything unfolds according to God’s timing, emphasizing that “when the time comes, it has come.”

Mr Ibu further appreciated the singer for his undying support and care towards him in his dark moments and how someday they will dine in heaven together.

In his words;

“Rudeboy, I don’t know where to begin. But everything happens exactly on God’s own time. When the time comes, it has come.

“Rudeboy, if you don’t make heaven, call me nama [meat]. You will go to heaven and we will sit in the presence of the angels and eat together.

“What people will be talking about today would be, ‘How come? But Ibu and P-Square, they are not the same parents.’ But I tell you, parents don come.”

It was worth noting that the actor died at the age of 62 and is survived by a wife and children.

Watch the video here.

Rudeboy also took to Instagram to share the video. He shared the video with the caption, “This broke my heart the more.”

Previously Rudeboy had also revealed that he had slept in the hospital for several weeks just to be present for Mr. Ibu and yet he had left. He further told his fans and followers that there was really nothing in this life.

“I slept in the hospital with you for several weeks just to be there with you and all … and you still left. God why?? #mribu. Aswear forget !!! Nothing dey for this life”, Rudeboy shared.

Also reacting to his death, Nollywood veteran Ruth Edochie recounted her moments with the late Ibu. In her words;

“What hurts me most is not even your demise; it’s knowing the fact that you suffered so much and groaned painfully in the grips of paleness.

The last time I went to see you at Evercare hospital in Lagos, we discussed to a certain extent and I was very excited that full recuperation was taking place.

I think this is the time the heavens want to welcome your soul and relieve you of all the stress and burden sickness imposed on you at least now you can rest and the illness too can rest.
In as much as i know that this right here is very excruciating, we still do not have the right to question the giver of life.
Death is really inevitable, it’s a call everyone would answer everything in life is transient.

May your peaceful and ever-lively soul rest in power my great friend, brother, and colleague
Nollywood will miss you dearly.
All I beg God for, is that he gives the family you left behind fortitude to bear this loss. Amen”.

Also, Nollywood actors, Charles Awurum and Victor Osuagwu have shared their experiences working with late actor.

In a video posted to their Instagram pages, Charles revealed that despite coming into the industry before Mr. Ibu, he looked up to him as he was someone who had so much to offer.

“Yesterday the Nollywood Industry was thrown into mourning. It was a very huge shock to lose one of us, who was a brother, colleague, and of course, one of the giants in the comedy world. That man is full of life.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day at all. The news was a very bad one cause immediately we heard it, we were weak. We couldn’t shoot because we were at a location in Ghana. That was the end of shooting for that day and the next day of shooting we had to excuse ourselves because there was no way our brother would go like that and we would be on set shooting.

Talking about Ibu, people don’t know this man, he was a trailer, a Vessel of comedy, a vessel loaded with comic characters. He touched life.

I came into the industry before Ibu, but as time went on I started looking up to him. He had so much to offer, that we can feel we really lost somebody.

But God knows everything cause he is the one that giveth and taketh. A lot of people will say that during his cause of enterprise, Mr Ibu brought laughter, happiness, and healing to so many homes.

Mr Ibu is a great man, he is somebody you would love to be with anytime. He is somebody you will learn so much from. But it has happened and we pray for him. I wish everybody who contributed financially to aiding his healing, will contribute in prayers for him and his family, especially his wife and children”.

Actor-turned-pastor Yul Edochie also seized the opportunity to advice his fans and followers, and the public at large not to fear death. He explained that death was a transitional process that awaits everybody.

Yul advised, “Death is a transition process that awaits us all.

No matter what we say or do, it must come.

People come and people go.

So rather than fear death, we should all prepare for it.

Be fair in all your dealings with others.

Forgive easily.

Apologize when you hurt others.

Keep your hands & your heart clean.”

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