Cheers Netflix Star Jerry Harris Jailed For Child Pornography, Might End Up Serving Time If Found Guilty.

Over the week, news of Netflix star actor Jerry Harris broke about him being involved in sexual acts with underage partners. These were at first just mere allegations up until thorough investigation landed the actor where he is today.

After much investigation Jerry was arrested on the 17th of September 2020 and was charged to court immediately. Upon his first hearing in court, the assistant US attorney Joseph Fitzpatrick announced that Jerry is being charged for production of child pornography

This conclusion was arrived at after the FBI finalized their investigation which was being carried out on Harris. It revealed that he is allegedly involved in soliciting for sex from minors since 2018, asking them to send their nude photos to him, which they did send.

According to sources, the family of 2 male alleged victims, both 14 years of age, claim that Jerry had earlier in 2018 contacted their boys and repeatedly solicited for their children’s nude images and videos.

The boys further provided screenshots of their conversation with the actor as well as photos and videos from social media, from when he first contacted them in 2018 till date.

Jerry was said to have been sued by his 2 alleged victims, who claimed he lured them into sending nude photos and went on to demand sex from them.

On the 14th of September, Jerry Harris was said to have been interviewed, where he admitted that he was soliciting for sex from minors between the age bracket of 10 to 15,

Mind you, the boys were said to be 14 and Harris 19 as at when he first contacted them in 2018.

Harris was sent to jail till his next hearing on Monday the 21st of September 2020

All of this happening around Jerry reminds us of the case of R-kelly when the news of his involving in sexual activities with underage girls first broke.

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