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“I wanted fame from BBNaija, not money”- Laycon

The winner of the BBNaija season 5 Lockdown edition, Laycon has revealed he participated in the reality show not necessarily for the money but the fame that comes with it.

In a recent chat with YouTuber, Korty, Laycon said that he doesn’t regret being on the reality show because to a great extent, he has achieved his aim of being in the house. He went on to reveal that he went into the house to achieve fame and also reach a wider audience with his music. He talked about how his being in the house boosted his streams and even though he hasn’t achieved his goals, it is still in process.

He said: “I mean people don’t know how huge this thing is. First 3 months of my “Who is Laycon” EP, I had 103, 000 streams on all platforms before I went into the house. I came out of the house I had 7million streams on all platforms. Right now the EP has over 40million streams. Right now the album I just put out has over half of 40million streams. So tell me if what I went to do inside the house wasn’t worth it.”

When asked if he has met his goals, Laycon responded, “No, I haven’t my goal is a continuous process. Okay it’s like this, if there’s a goal and you meet that goal, then what?The more you do something you get better at it to the extent where it’s so easy and it’s fun.”

When asked if he regrets being on the BBNaija show, he responded in the negative, stating all the positivity the show yielded. 

 “No no! I mean, when you look at the positives that come out of it, they overshadow the negatives. The negatives are… I mean, there’s a whole lot of personal things I can’t even do anymore.

There’s the mental effect that being in a space (like that) has on you. The negatives are when you come outside and see perceptions that people have of you. When we were in that house, a whole lot of things happened that didn’t make the cut”, Laycon replied.

Laycon also said to Korty that no one can really complain about the negatives from the BBNaija house, because they went there on their own. In his words;

“I then again feel it’s not really anything to feel some type of way about, because in the end, na you carry yourself go. Nobody push you go there”.

Ahead of the lockdown edition finale, Laycon expressed worry over the fame that comes with being on the show. He prayed that he doesn’t lose himself in the whole process. He said that although fame would make him grow as an artist, he does not want it to be affected negatively.

Speaking to Nengi, Laycon said, “I’m scared of fame, new people and how to handle them. People have treated me differently once when I had a popular song and that’s hard to deal with. Anyway regardless of whatever level of fame, I have people who will always check me.”

Now on the contrary, looks like the fame turned out nice for him and he has been doing well so far. The rapper recently dropped his very first album, Shall We Begin back in April, showing music fans that his talent is definitely not a fluke. And in a recent documentary, Laycon shared the inspirations behind his debut album, and how the journey has been for him so far. 

Laycon narrated, “Everything I have always learned leads me to music. Every action I have always taken has been with the mindset that it’s always going to be music regardless of anything else. So I feel like all the sacrifices I’ve made in my life has been for music. All the things I’ve deprived myself of has been because of the music. So that’s it for me”.

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