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Nkechi Blessing mocks BBNaija Yusef’s Accent Hours after she preached against body-shaming

Actress Nkechi Blessing, who came after the people trolling BBNaija Angel’s boobs, and was all about how women should have each other’s back has publicly mocked Yusef’s accent, barely hours after her body-shaming sermon.

Big brother Naija housemates, Peace and Yusef are staying together in the HOH suite, after Peace was appointed Head of House and she picked Yousef as her deputy. While they were in bed, Peace talked to Yusef about veto power and Yousef repeated after her with an accent, pronouncing ‘Veto’as ‘Beto’.

But Peace thought Yousef had made a mistake and she corrected him, saying it’s  “veto”. Yousef repeated after her, pronouncing the “V” as “B”. After so many failed attempts at correcting him, Peace made Yousef recite the English alphabet from A to Z, which he still recited with an accent.

Reacting the the video of Peace and Yusef, actress Nkechi Blessing commented, calling Yusef “Aboki Namu”. 

An Instagram user slammed her for her comment, especially after she stood in solidarity for Angel who was mocked in the house for flaunting her saggy boobs without a bra. “I been wan tell you say you dey craze but no need, you sef know say you dey craze alread. Your statement is stupid and insensitive af!!” the Instagram user wrote in parts.

Nkechi Blessing hit back, insulting the Instagram user for refusing to get that she was joking. She replied to the comment, “Not as crazy as your useless father, as you refused to laugh like the rest that got the joke… Irritant”.

Nkechi Blessing, while soliciting for Angel said trolling People who can’t stand for themselves can push them into depression but such doesn’t work with her because whenever she is trolled, she comes after whoever it may be, without fear or favour.

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