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“I’d love to sleep with Kiddwaya” – Doyin confesses

Reality star Doyin has openly admitted her strong attraction to fellow housemate and billionaire heir, Kiddwaya.

During a lounge conversation with fellow housemate CeeC, Doyin revealed her unusual attraction to Kiddwaya, confessing that while she may not particularly admire his personality, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him.

She said that if she could separate Kidd from his personality, she would not mind getting into bed with him when they leave the Big Brother house.

In reaction to Doyin’s comment, CeeC blushed and answered in the affirmative that the billionaire heir is actually a ‘cool person’.

Watch them speak here.

Doyin also recounted how Kiddwaya had reached out to her after a recent altercation with another housemate, Cross. This unexpected show of concern seemed to have sparked her attraction to Kiddwaya.

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