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Josh2Funny Blows Minds as he auditions at America’s Got Talent

Nigerian comedian and skit-maker, Josh Alfred, popularly known as Josh2Funny, has set the media buzzing after he purportedly filmed one of the greatest skits of all time on the America’s Got Talent show.

The content creator traveled all the way to the United States of America to audition for a chance to win the prize money of $ 1 million.

Upon getting on stage, Josh2Funny executed a 3-stage act which unfortunately started out with the judges, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara, and Howie Mande rejecting him outrightly.

His first act involved going on stage as a speed reader who would read three books in under one minute. But when Josh read the books, he just mumbled all the words but this did not impress the four judges.

They refused to give him a pass to the next phase and then sent him off the stage. However, he did not give up, rather he did something they never expected which was to come back in a different outfit with a different name, more like a pun on his actual name.

Josh2Funny’s second act was being the ‘fastest rapper in the world’ known as J Hush and all he did was mumble his words like he did while speed reading. Simon, Heidi, and the other two still gave him No and turned him back.

He came back the third time on the same day as a magician identified as Terrifying Jay. The comedian used a deck of cards to try and perform magic but before he began, Howie gave him a NO buzzer.

The judges were initially perplexed, struggling to grasp the underlying message or joke, it had first left some of the judges irritated and confused until they caught in on his jokes. 

Next, he used the host, Terry Crews to perform a mind control trick which eventually impressed Simon Cowell who gave him a pass to the next stage on behalf of his fellow judges.

The judges insisted that they were not impressed so he decided to channel the fast rapping which made the audience get off their seats, and give him a standing ovation with loud cheers, dances, and applause.

Sharing the viral clip on its official Twitter page, AGT captioned “Josh Alfred is not giving up!”

His act was hilarious and Netizens were quick to notice his PR strategy;

One China commented, “Simon and his crew got casted in a skit and they didn’t even have a clue”.

@47kasz: “Josh is crazily funny in a stupid way nothing they’ve not seen before & he kept coming back.”

@chimaihueze: “Do you know how daring you have to be to do this on a global stage? Josh is something else!”

@_VALKlNG: “He’s the same guy that started the “Don’t leave me challenge” Nigerians are soo talented.”

@ToyosiGodwin: “The more the video progressed, the funnier it got. I like how Simon eventually appreciated his sense of humor.”

@toyor_pr: “They all didn’t get him at first, he finally made them laugh and they all supported him at last. Nigeria to the world.”

Pamilerin Adegoke wrote, “Josh2funny did it effortlessly. Nigeria to the world.”

Lerry wrote, “Josh2funny on America Got Talent!!! Josh is blown!! This cracked me up from the start to the end!

Amazing woman wrote, “The best video you will see on the internet today. I almost laughed my lungs. Josh is the biggest Nigerian entertainer no doubt! Kudos”.

Dreaded wrote, “The point of this is that he made them all laugh. If only they knew he was a comedian to the core. He even got a standing ovation from the crowd at the end. Simon said, “I understand now, you are hilarious”.

This is the third time, the skitmaker and online creator is making a third appearance on the show.

His video, The World’s Fastest Reader already has over 300 million views on the internet.

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