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“It was not a prank, I was sick sick“ – Oladips finally tells his side of the story

Popular rapper, Oladipupo Oladimeji, aka Oladips, has finally shared his own side of the story over the recent death hoax pulled by his management.

In November, the management of the singer announced his death through his personal Instagram page.

The statement claimed the singer succumbed to an undisclosed long-term ailment.

Shortly after, Oladips’ friends disclosed that the singer was alive, and the entire episode was a strategic move to boost his music streams. 

For a long time, Oladips remained silent on the matter, neither confirming nor denying the rumor, but later promised to unravel the mystery surrounding his supposed death.

Speaking in a recent interview with Naija FM, Lagos, Oladips said he did not intend to mislead Nigerians.

The Lalakukulala crooner admitted to posting a video urging people to take him to the hospital but added that he couldn’t recall the events that unfolded afterwards.

He said it was “never a prank” as the public assumed, stressing that he was “very sick”, his management thought he was dead when it announced his death. He was indeed unconscious at the time.

He said the announcement was not a publicity stunt to promote the newly released album, as many had alleged.

Oladips said, “To Nigerians and my core followers, I will never play with people’s emotions like that. It was never a prank. I was sick sick. I am really sorry for the confusion, the false alarm and everything. I take full responsibility.

“Henceforth, I will make sure that I’m surrounded by professionals. Because I feel like that is where the problem started from. I have experienced a lot of things, including my manager siphoning my money, wishing me death. So, it got to a point where I didn’t even have manager again. It was just me and my boys. Right now, I’m just trying to select the right people and make sure that they are professionals that know the right thing to do. No be person wey because he no hear from my mum, he feel like, ‘Ah! This guy don go [die].

“If  he [my manager] was a professional person he would not do such. That is why I said I take full responsibility. So, I’m really sorry. Make una forgive me abeg.”

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