Kanayo .O. Kanayo Issues a 7day Ultimatum to Netizen Publishing His Obituary Posters

Veteran Actor, Kanayo O Kanayo is not taking it likely with the person spreading rumours of his death.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Kanayo fumed that because people have access to social media does not mean they can publish anything.

He placed a curse on this said individual wishing death upon him and questioned why someone would wake up and print his obituary posters when he is alive.

According to him, the netizen compiled photos of him and captioned them with RIP.

The actor said that the person or people involved in the rumours of his death would not pass the next seven days.

“I don’t know what people gain by carrying rumours, printing their obituaries. I don’t know what will make somebody wake up in the morning and start tagging somebody,” he said.

“I do not know…Do most people think Nollywood people, entertainers do not have family members. What kind of life do you think we live? Somebody wakes up, compiles 3, 4, 5 photos, and puts RIP. You will not live past the next 7 days. You’ve got the wrong guy.”

He said concerned individuals already reached out to him and he had to let them know that he is Hale and hearty.

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