Lalong Pledges Increased Minimum Wage

Simon Lalong has pledged to work closely with the two labor organizations, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, (TUC) to successfully resolve all outstanding labor disputes upon his return to his position as the Minister of Labour and Employment. 

Lalong also pledged to tackle the increased minimum wage and other palliatives brought on by the elimination of fuel subsidies with a strong sense of will.

“The government through the NLC and TUC and their affiliates not only ensure that all impending  industrial disputes are settled amicably but we will  address with strong determination the new minimum wage and other palliatives arising from the removal of subsidy ” he said 

Additionally, he said that the Ministry would use technology, skill development, entrepreneurship, and agriculture, among other things, to increase the number of employment possibilities available to all Nigerians.

“In the coming weeks, we shall unveil detailed plans of President Tinubu’s vision for Labour and Employment and also spell out the role that the Ministry and its agencies, development partners and Nigerians, in general, will play in actualizing it.

“We shall be engaging all relevant partners and receiving briefings towards a robust performance.” the minister. also revealed

In his speech, Lalong added that President Bola Tinubu had given them the task of seeing that SDG 8 is accomplished so that Nigerians get decent jobs and are fairly compensated for their labor in both the public and private sectors. This is because of the level of unemployment, underemployment, and difficulties associated with the workplace.

“We shall not spare any effort to protect the Nigerian worker and guarantee his dignity at all times.”

“This administration will therefore escalate the relations with the private sector, development partners, international agencies, NGOs among others to make sure that unemployment and underemployment is reduced to the barest minimum according to the plan of the Tinubu Administration,” he added

“We shall therefore mobilise and deploy all the resources of the Ministry towards ensuring that the matters relating to Labour and Employment are galvanised across relevant MDAs and sectors of the economy in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr President. Our workers must get value for their labour and operate in a safe and conducive environment.”

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