Makarfi Laments as Insecurity Engulfs All Regions

Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, a former governor of Kaduna State under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has said the Northeast of Nigeria was the only region in Nigeria that experienced a high level of insecurity, but under the APC, it has spread to the rest of the country (APC).

If the PDP wins the 2023 election, Senator Makarfi, a former PDP chairman, promises to bring back sanity to Nigeria.

Makarfi urged Nigerians to give PDP a chance in 2023 so that it could correct problems in an interview with the BBC Hausa on Friday.

He noticed that when almost everything people needed was imported into the nation, their standard of living could scarcely be raised.

” Any country that depends on import is in a problem, and that is the situation in Nigeria,” he said. 

” Government should have come up with a process that will encourage the production of different products, those that would be consumed and even for export. “

” Doing so would make our currency, the Naira, strong and boost the economy. Now people find it difficult to partake in farming and commerce; even to relate with one another,” he said. 

Insecurity, according to him, has made the situation worse. He emphasised that in 2015, when the PDP was in power, and the Northeast was experiencing insecurity, measures were taken to address the issue, including holding elections there.

He expressed scepticism on the likelihood that some locations would hold the upcoming 2023 election.

” Look at what the Northwest region has turned into; that is the situation in the North-central and the South. In Nigeria today, farming has become difficult. It’s so difficult to trade. Even to relate is difficult. Doing so many things have become so difficult. “

According to him, there were threats in Kaduna State to stop campaigning in specific communities, which would have an impact on the election, which had never happened before.

Only honest leadership, according to Senator Makarfi, could put a stop to these issues.

” If the problems were inherited in the Northeast, you rectify the problem, but instead, it has now escalated.”

” This borders on leadership because money is being given. When money is given, and the person in position does well, he should be rewarded. But, if he fails to you, are the leader and knows what to do immediately,” he said.

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