Mary Njoku Announces she is getting married again

Congratulations rain in on Mary Njoku as she announced that she is getting married again.

The mother of three who is happily married to Jason Njoku is renewing her marital vows in celebration of their 10th marriage anniversary.

Taking to her Instagram page, she shared a beautiful photo of herself with the caption, “……And I am getting married. Again. #Njoku10”.

This was followed by lots of congratulatory messages from her fans and colleagues who wished her more blissful experiences in years to come.

Eve Esin wrote: “Yes oh. Have fun. I am with you guys in spirit”.

Uche Ogbodo wrote: “Married Again!”

Rechel Okonkwo wrote: “Congratulations queen”.

Ruth Kadiri wrote: “Chai! So, beautiful!”

Remmy-Njoku, who is also the founder of ROK TV channels earlier stated that marriage is very complicated and unpredictable because one may want to take a bullet for your spouse in one minute, and such a one may become the bullet in the next minute.

Her post read, “Marriage is very complicated, so unpredictable. One minute, you want to take a bullet for your spouse. The next minute, you want to be the bullet.

“If there is no cry for help, or disguised signal for help, no put mouth. E no concern you. Them go settle when dem tire”.

In an interview, the mother-of-three had described her marriage to her husband, Jason, as a “true blessing”.

“Jason is my best friend, my husband and my business partner. We are a true partnership in every sense of the word. We have a young family and even though we both work long hours, we make sure we find time for each other – this is really important. My marriage is a true blessing,” she told The PUNCH in 2017.

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