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Mr Eazi Launches new music group, Choplife Soundsystem

Nigerian-born singer, Mr Eazi has announced the formation of a new pan-African music group, Choplife Soundsystem. 

This new musical ensemble also features  DJ Edu, a Kenyan-born Afrobeats selector and tastemaker based in the UK, as its resident DJ. Alongside Edu, an informal crew of DJs, artists, and producers from across the continent will contribute to Choplife Soundsystem. Mr Eazi, who will be the primary vocalist on the group’s recordings, will also serve as its MC, or ‘Minister of Enjoyment,’ during live events.

Choplife Soundsystem has already made its presence felt with a “soft launch” in Cotonou (Benin), Stockholm (Sweden) and Kigali (Rwanda) in 2022. Mr Eazi will announce further details about Choplife Soundsystem, including new music releases, partnerships and live events soon.

“I’m going back to where I started from, hosting the biggest parties at uni,” Mr Eazi said. “That’s how I started singing. I am looking forward to this new and fun ride, and I can’t wait for all the music to start dropping and the accompanying live experience.” 

With Choplife Soundsystem, Mr Eazi is bringing his creative vision to life, redefining the African music landscape, and showcasing the continent’s diverse musical talents.

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