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“Naira Marley is a criminal in the UK, human life means nothing to him” -Prophet Tibetan spills

Nigerian televangelist, Prophet Tibetan has made some claims about Streetpop artist Naira Marley, all trailing down to the death of Mohbad.

In a video that has since gone viral, Prophet Tibetan stated that before Naira Marley returned to Nigeria, he was declared wanted in the United Kingdom for a number of horrible offenses.

He also claimed that the artist imported a lot of harmful hard drugs into the country, which is ruining the lives of many young people.

The preacher also mentioned in his sermons that the singer also discovered a method to obtain official protection to cover up for his wicked acts.

He stated that these are the reasons why human lives are meaningless to him. During his sermon, Prophet Tibetan also lashed out at Nigerian youths, saying that it was they who had given Naira the status of deity that it had held up until the recent passing of his ex-signee Mohbad. 

“Naira Marley is a criminal in London, but the youths fully accepted and praised him when he moved to Nigeria. Human life means nothing to him”, Tibetan said.Watch him speak here.

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