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Netflix cancels Will Smith’s Sequel and National Geographic Delays Production of His Documentary Amid Chris Rock’s slap

Cancellations and pullouts are gradually becoming the norm for Will Smith, after his altercation with Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars Awards ceremony.

It is no longer news that Will Smith gave Chris Rock a slap for a joke the comedian made about his wife Jada Pinkett. Will later tendered a public apology to Rock and the organizers of the Oscars, he also resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He’s also been banned from attending any of its events for 10 years. Despite all these, Smith is still suffering from the repercussion of that slap.

In the latest development, it has been reported that Netflix has canceled Will Smith’s follow-up to his 2017 film Bright. Although according to Bloomberg, the cancellation of Bright 2 is unrelated to the incident at the Oscars.

Variety also reported earlier this month that the streaming platform was slowing development on another film starring Smith called Fast and Loose.

Walt Disney’s National Geographic division is also putting the brakes on another of the star’s projects.

Bloomberg reported that the channel was delaying production of Pole to Pole, a nature series that follows The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star as he journeys to the North and South Poles.

It’s the third series that the actor has worked on with the studio, and was set to begin shooting in May.

Work will now reportedly be pushed back until autumn, according to Bloomberg, which attributed the information to a person familiar with the company’s plans who asked not to be identified.

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