OAP Nedu returns to SCID with kids contradicting reports he forcefully took them from his ex-wife

There were reports that OAP Nedu in conjunction with the police, invited his ex-wife Uzoamaka Ohiri, only to forcefully take his kids away from her.

The OAP in a previous post cleared the air on these allegations stating that it was a mutual agreement between him and Uzoamaka and moreover, Uzoamaka traveled with his kids without his consent. He also beckoned on Uzoamaka’s family and the public at large, to stay away from his affairs because he is not the first man with a failed marriage.

However, contradicting reports that he forcefully took his kids away from his ex-wife, Nedu returned to the State Criminal Investigation Department in Panti, Yaba, Lagos, with his two daughters.

The media personality told Punch that he returned to the SCID with the kids after his ex-wife’s family alleged that he forcefully took them from her. He also disclosed that Uzoamaka is nowhere to be found, and has turned off her phone and ensured there is no means of reaching her. 

He said; 

“Since she said she did not willingly give me the kids and that we seized the kids from her, I am at Panti now to return the kids; but she is nowhere.

She has turned off her phone and she has done everything for us not to reach her. I hope you can write that.”

However Uzoamaka’s relative told the publication that she has been hospitalised and was also invited by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.

“Uzo has not been feeling too well since this ordeal began and giving up her children on Tuesday took an emotional toll on her.

“She has also been invited by the Ministry of Justice in Lagos State. As it is, her phones are off, but I am sure that she will turn them on soon”, said the source.

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