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OAP Nedu’s Ex-wife blames him for assuming their son was his own

Amidst the controversies and allegations leveled against popular radio presenter and comedian, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, popularly known as Nedu, of Wazobia FM by his Ex-wife, Uzoamaka Hazel Ohiri, Nedu still has to take the blame for assuming that his ex-wife’s son was his, while they were married.

Uzoamaka had dragged Nedu online, revealing how Nedu had battered her a few weeks after she was delivered of their baby, through a  Cesarean section. She also accused the comedian of not catering for their kids. 

In response to her posts, the OAP decided to tackle the allegations she leveled against him. Nedu said that he has never been a supporter of domestic violence on either a man or woman but on a closer look, he was the victim of domestic violence, not his wife as she claims. 

Nedu said that Uzoamaka plagued their marriage with Infidelity. He also disclosed thathe is not the biological father of their first child despite being married then. He backed up his claims with pictures of the DNA test result.

After this revelation, instead of Uzoamaka to hide her head in shame, like any human would, she still blames Nedu for assuming while they were married, that he was the father of her son. Uzoamaka said she never for once told him she was pregnant for him or the baby belongs to him, he merely assumed because they were married.

Uzoamaka wrote, “I Never for once tell him I’m pregnant for him or the baby belong to him. He assumed this on his own because we are married. I think he thinks too much and he can’t blame me for this”.

Backing Nedu’s claims, Nedu’s friend, Osama in an Instagram post, spilled more damning details about Uzoamaka, alleging that her brother-in-law is the real father of her son, which she claimed was Nedu’s. Osama also alleged that she used to practice lesbianism in her matrimonial home.

Osama wrote, “Madam @hazel_uzor did you tell them that the pregnancy that made both of you marry turned out not to be Nedu’s child? Did you tell them also that the child belongs to your elder sisters husband. Did you also tell them how you invite your follow women sex partners to the house to sleep with them while you were under his roof… Madam no let me talk…bacause gist plenti… “

Reacting to the entire Saga, Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, has pleaded with parents caught up in public marital battles to desist from posting DNA test results on social media platforms with children’s name on it.

The actress made this appeal on her Instagram page, hours after popular radio presenter Chinedu Ani, a.k.a, Nedu, of Wazobia FM, alleged that the first son birthed by his ex-wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri, during their marriage was not his biological child.

Reminding all that ‘the internet never forgets,’ the actress appealed to parents and bloggers to exercise caution in posting such sensitive documents, warning that it might lead to emotional distress for the concerned child later in life.

“This is a passionate appeal to parents caught up in DNA issues and bloggers writing about it; please, for the love of God, when posting DNA evidence, please and please at least black out the innocent children’s names to save them from more trauma. It is bad enough to find out the truth about your identity, and have your name plastered all over the internet. Remember, the internet never forgets,” she wrote.

She further begged “all adults and parents to do everything possible to protect the identity of these innocent children.”

Onuoha also stated that it is society’s collective duty to pray for marriages going through rocky stages.

“Marriage is not easy; whoever tells you otherwise is a liar from the pit of hell. Many give their all and survive, others like me couldn’t make it, while many paid the ultimate price and are six feet beneath the earth.

That being said, it should be our collective duty to pray and be kind towards them. People are going through hard times, and the pandemic has added another layer of depression, pain, and anxiety for many,” she said

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