Oke Boost As Best Man For Ondo

A leading aspirant of the All Progressive Congress governorship election in Ondo state, Chief Olusola Oke, has said his political accomplishments placed him ahead of the other contenders.

He stated this while speaking in Akure. More than twenty candidates from the state’s ruling APC are vying for the position, but Oke has insisted that his experience in the various facets of governance makes him the best man for the job.

The national leadership of the party has said it will hold its primary election next month to pick the party’s flagbearer in the November election.

According to the former National Legal Adviser of the party, “There are three fundamental considerations for defining a politician.

”These are experiences in the legislative business, in party administration, and in executive positions. I have attained these feats.

“I have been a lawmaker at the highest level. I have been a party administrator at the ward level, local government level, state level, and national level. I have also occupied several executive positions in government.

“Given my vast experiences in the various facets, it is easy for me, for instance, to take care of party members and leaders; to run a party fairly and seamlessly while carrying along all critical stakeholders. 

“It makes it easy for me to be able to relate agreeably with lawmakers in the State having been a lawmaker at the national level.

“Because I have also occupied several executive positions, it makes it easy for me to hit the ground running as soon as I take over the reigns of office as governor of the State. I am not one to begin to learn on the job.”

“I have lived all my life in this State. In my 67 years of existence, nearing 68, I have never been away from Ondo State for one year. 

“That means I have been part of the suffering of the people. Being a victim myself, means I know where the shoe pinches, and I must concede that I have the right ideas as to how to provide solutions to the challenges.

“In the course of my political participation, I have toured the entire communities in Ondo State almost seven times.

“I participated in the campaign of Olomilua during the days of SDP, not in the manner we do it these days by visiting only the local government headquarters.

“We were going to every community no matter how distant, detached, remote or rural.

“It was in the course of touring Ondo State that I realized that there are certain locations in the northern part that we cannot access unless you first go to Ekiti before you come in. 

“It was in the course of touring the State that there are communities in Ondo East, in the central senatorial district, that you cannot access unless you first go to Osun State before you can get in there.

“Agagu against Adefarati, which Adefarati won, I went round as Chairman of the State Campaign Committee; and Agagu against Mimiko, which Agagu lost in court, I also toured the entire State as Chairman of the State Campaign Committee.

“As a gubernatorial candidate of the PDP, I went around the State; I also toured the State as the candidate of AD. And contesting against Akeredolu at the intra-partyarty level, I also toured the State. 

“So, I am familiar with the good, the bad, and the ugly as far as Ondo State is concerned, Oke added.

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