Open Grazing: Edo SSG Says Bill Under Legislation

The government of Edo State has said open grazing has not been banned in any part of the state as such an action is still a work in progress.

The Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Osarodion Ogie, communicated this in a statement on Monday in Benin.

He stated that the State House of Assembly had not concluded legislation on the bill to criminalize open grazing. He added that the house would welcome contributions from concerned individuals before assenting to the law.

Ogie said, “The State’s Anti-Open Grazing Bill is still undergoing legislation at the Edo State House of Assembly and has not been passed into law neither is it a state policy.” 

“Members of the public who are concerned about parts of the bill can make input before its passage by the House. Civil society groups who are raising concerns about sections of the bill can constructively engage with the Assembly and not resort to acts that could cause a breakdown of law and order in the state.”

Ogie added that those who have reservations about any section of the bill should air their grievances through lawful means and make a necessary contribution.

He stressed that the legislative process comprises a comprehensive assessment of a bill before its ascent to avert the breakdown of law and order.

“The law-making process is one that involves a comprehensive assessment of a bill before passage, and it is refreshing that the conversation on the bill is generating public interest, but this must not degenerate to civil disturbances capable of being hijacked by unscrupulous elements,” Ogie warned.

“We hereby call on all those who have reservations about sections of the bill to explore the statutory provisions of the law in making their contribution.”

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