Papaya Ex Accused of Renewing Her Boyfriend’s Ritual Powers with Car Giveaway, She Reacts

Fresh allegations have emerged for popular online influencer Papaya Ex, as a Twitter user has accused her of using her birthday giveaway to renew her boyfriend’s yahoo powers’.

Papaya Ex trended online weeks ago when she shut down the internet with her extravagant party to celebrate hitting 1 million followers on Instagram.

In the spirit of celebrations Papaya Ex chose a winner for her car gift, by covering her eyes with a white cloth and rubbing her hands on people’s heads before finally choosing a winner.

Weeks after the party, Papaya Ex was exposed with her married Yahoo boyfriend, who resides in the Lekki area of Lagos.

The lifestyle influencer was dragged online after controversial blogger, Gistlover, who maintained that her extravagant lifestyle was being sponsored by the man, and that she was the brain behind the man’s marital issues.

Following the occurrences, a Twitter user with the user name, Oba Comrades has accused the Inflencer of being involved with a yahoo boyfriend who propelled her to do a car giveaway just to renew his ritual powers.

He wrote:

So papaya boyfriend is a Yahoo boy and she wore a white cloth and was rubbing people’s head on her “birthday”. Them don use people 9 months do renewal.”

In response, Papaya made a video saying that when people expect her to react, she will not speak a word but will maintain her silence. She also encouraged rumour mongers to ‘gist’ her more about herself.

‘From Runs girl > fake life > Rituals > Husband snatcher > 18-year-Old it’s well

Please gist me about myself, it’s like there’s another papaya somewhere I don’t know about. “She wrote.

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