Popular Comedian, Zfancy arrested by Military Officers over Prank

Popular Comedian and prankster, Zfancy was in the middle of creating content by pranking an individual, when some military officers arrived and whisked him off in their van.

Zfancy, who is known for pulling rather extreme pranks reportedly pulled one of his pranks on a passerby who immediately alerted the attention of the authorities without realising Zfancy’s harmless intentions.

An eyewitness shared a video showing the moment the officers arrived at the scene where the comedian was shooting his supposedly new skit. The officers brought the shoot to an end and refused to let him go even after people in the community tried interceding on his behalf. The Military Officers finally whisked him off in their van.

Sharing the video, the eyewitness stated that Nigerians take things too far while adding that Zfancy was only pulling a harmless prank.

Reacting to this, Netizens seemed to be happy with the development, noting that Zfancy sometimes takes his skits to the extreme and most people end up ignorant of the fact that it’s just a prank.

Below are some of the reactions:

” I do watch Zfancy’s prank, they are good but some of them are too expensive,” Elvis wrote.

“Prank gone wrong,” Onyinyechi wrote.

“I never understood his skits at all. Always making people scared. Comedy is to make people laugh not scare them” JustSmith wrote.

Chyydo wrote: “Some of their pranks are unnecessary. Not funny and too expensive. In as much as our military no deh coordinated but some of these pranksters need to stop!!”

“E don happen but low key ehn this guy is taking risk to put smile on people’s face o,” Etta_xoxo wrote.

“Stressing people’s physical and mental health all in the name of jokes,” Leaddyskincare wrote.

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