Rapper Nelly apologizes for his Explicit video leaked on Instagram

American Rapper,  Nelly has issued a clarification and apologized for an uncensored video of him receiving oral sex, which surfaced online.

Nelly made the headlines and started trending on Twitter after a controversial video of him receiving oral sex surfaced online. 

Speaking on the issue which he never intended to go public, he tendered his sincere apologies to the female involved,  her family, and everyone who must have been affected by the scandal. 

He told TMZ: “I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family, this is unwanted publicity for her/them.

This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public”.

Though Nelly did not clearly reveal how the video came out in public, his team hinted towards possible hacking of his Instagram account. They also revealed that they are investigating the matter and will dig deeper into the case. But they are more concerned about the rapper’s privacy as they are skeptical about some of his vital details like the financial information, personal documents, and passwords that might surface online.

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