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Reality TV star Leo Da Silva gets commissioned to be a pastor

Big Brother Naija Reality TV star, Leo Da Silva has embarked on a new chapter in his life, embracing a spiritual path as a pastor.

In an Instagram post, an excited Leo revealed that he has finally been commissioned to be a pastor after two years of theology.

Leo shared the good news alongside pictures where he was seen wearing a preacher’s robe, surrounded by fellow believers and the main pastor in the center. 

It is important to note that Leo’s journey towards becoming a pastor has been ongoing for quite some time. Approximately six months ago, he disclosed that his final exams to become a preacher would take place on the weekend, marking the culmination of two years of theology school.

This comes two days after the reality TV star cried out on social media after operatives of the EFCC allegedly raided his grandmother’s estate without warrant or intelligence.

Leo Da Silva revealed that the EFCC raided his grandmother’s estate at 5 a.m. this morning, without any warrant and he heard about it this morning while the incident was being discussed on the estate WhatsApp platform.

He stated that the masses are beginning to speak up against the misconduct of the agency but the authorities seem to be keeping silent on the matter until it leads to a protest.

“EFCC raided my grandma’s estate in Lekki this morning by 5 a.m.

No intelligence, no warrant, just a random raid, unfortunately. Woke up to it being discussed on their estate platform.

Citizens are speaking now and no one is listening till this becomes protests.

This is ridiculous”, he said.

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