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Ruth Kadiri threatens legal action against Ghanaian TV stations airing her content without authorisation

Popular Nollywood actress and filmmaker Ruth Kadiri has issued a stern warning to Ghanaian television stations airing her content without proper authorisation.

In a recent video the actress shared on her social media platforms and monitored by Graphic Showbiz, Ruth Kadiri expressed her affection for her Ghanaian fans and the country in its entirety but also voiced her disappointment with a popular Ghanian TV station involved in the unauthorised broadcasting of her films and series.

She asserted that the unauthorise broadcast of her movies not only infringed upon her rights but also affected the livelihoods of the many people involved in the production process. 

Ruth also expressed her seriousness about dealing legally with culprits who are involved in the unauthorised broadcasting of her films.

In her words;

 “I love the country as a whole but I am very disappointed that a major TV station in Ghana would go on my platform, rip my contents apart, show it on TV like they have the license to do that.

“It is not even just one, not two, not three. I don’t want to put a watermark on my contents because I feel like it’s going to make it look taggy. This is the first warning and it is going to be the last one, because the next time, you’re going to hear from my lawyers.

I beg you, let’s not start dragging ourselves through the mud. I expect so much from you because you know how expensive it is to create contents and instead of you to buy this content,  you would rather rip it and show it on national TV”.

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