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BBNaijaAll Stars: “We’ve all been fooled, Ilebaye is playing the victim strategy”- Doyin

BBNaija All Stars Housemate Doyin David has accused her former friend Ilebaye of playing the victim strategy in order to win the N120 million at stake.

It all started after the heated clash between Ilebaye and Whitemoney over the sound system provided for the house for their wager 

Whitemoney had confronted Ilebaye for turning up the volume on the sound system at an ungodly hour, claiming she was disturbing the peace in the house.

Whitemoney asked her to reduce the volume, and in response, Ilebaye defended her actions, explaining that she had wanted to write a song and felt ignored by her fellow housemates, who considered her music endeavors as mere “noise-making.”

Whitemoney then came right back to turn down the volume of the music and once again she increased the volume. 

Unable to take it any longer, Whitemoney completely turned off the sound system, explaining to her that people were sleeping. He also abruptly asked her for his pen and paper and right after he collected it, Ilebaye burst into tears.

The outburst got heightened when other housemates became involved in the confrontation. While Whitemoney tired to explain his side of the story, Ilebaye also tried to explain her own part.

Ilebaye claimed she was not allowed to use the musical instruments for their group wager task simply because Whitemoney is older than her.

She went on to add that Whitemoney wouldn’t have tried what he did with her if it were someone else.

In response, Whitemoney considered this her strategy and lashed out at her.

After the clash and the tears from Ilebaye, Doyin was seen discussing with Cross in the washroom in the HOH where she disclosed that Ilebaye played the house and that she has been playing the victim game to gain favour in the eyes of Nigerians to win the money.

Netizens have since flooded the comment section of the post to share their views regarding Ilebaye’s outburst and her alleged strategy.

See some reactions below:

iam_karl3x: “Illebaye is playing a very manipulative game cajoling viewers wit her tears for issues that was so basic . She can’t win dat money pple r clocking her pity card game.”

tiwani___: “This girl nah confirm ogbanje go look for trouble,come Dey shed nonsense tears, and overnight fanbase won’t let us talk.”

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