Senator Sani Urges Foreign Donors to Invest in Nigeria’s Education, Health

Shehu Sani, a former senator from Kaduna, has called on international organizations and other nations, such as the United States, Canada, and others, to cease wasting money on Nigeria’s elections.

Sani stated this on his verified Twitter page on Wednesday, stressing that the country’s education and health need more funds.

He said such funds should rather be pumped into education and health sectors in rural communities.

Sani said, “Foreign donor agencies and Foreign Governments, particularly the EU countries, US and Canada should stop funding election activities in Nigeria.

“They should channel the money to education and health in our rural areas. That is where it’s needed most.”

His comments come a few weeks after the 2023 general election and follow the transition of power which will take place on May 29, 2023.

See how Twitter users responded to Sani’s post.

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