Shaibu Demands PDP’s Certificate Of Return

The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu has stormed the National Secretariat of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), demanding to have his certification of return granted.

According to him, “today is the day set aside for the collection of certificate of return for the winner of the primary. I understand someone came yesterday and was given, well, the court will decide…”

On February 22, 2023, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) held parallel primaries in the state, which resulted in the selection of two candidates—Philip Shaibu and Asue Ighodalo—for the governorship of Edo in 2024.

At the Samuel Ogbemudia primary, Ighodalo emerged victorious with 577 votes, while Shaibu was proclaimed the winner with 301 votes.

Shaibu was declared the PDP’s candidate by a group of delegates who met in a building on Commercial Avenue while some delegates were being accredited at the Edo Hotel Marquee in order to go to the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium venue of the primary election.

They stated that after entering the venue to obtain accreditation, security personnel escorted them out.

They further stated that they had seen names on the list of delegates released by the party’s national leadership, which they claimed did not correspond to the names of Bayelsa State citizens and members of the All Progressives Congress.

“After the primary election, we have determined that Philip Shaibu is the legitimate winner of the PDP,” said Bartholomew Moses, announcing Shaibu’s victory. “He received 301 votes during the counting process,” Shaibu added.

But according to the governorship primary committee, which is chaired by Dauda Lawal, the governor of Zamfara State, 594 delegates were chosen to take part in the primary and 585 delegates were authorized to cast ballots.

Asue Ighodalo received 577 votes, while Philip Shaibu, his closest competitor, received one vote, according to Lawal, the chief returner for the governorship primary and the head of the committee primary, who announced the final results.

He claimed that in addition to Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama and Omosede Igbinedion withdrawing from the race, Anselm Ojezua, Osaro Onaiwu, Felix Akhabue, Martins Uhomoibhi, Hadizat Umoru, and Arthur Esele received zero votes.

Meanwhile, six votes were said to be void.

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