Singer Portable stripped naked after jumping into his audience in Kogi State

Controversial singer, Portable has taken to social media to lament how he ended up losing his clothes, gold chain, and phones after he jumped into his audience at his Kogi State concert.

Evidently, Portable had been delivering an electrifying performance to his staunch fans during a live show when he suddenly got overwhelmed with euphoria and jumped into the crowd.

Portable, however, said he was the person who threw his wristwatch into the crowd, but when he was amidst the crowd, they took off his accessories and injured him in the process.

He said that he does not know whether juju (charm) was used on him because he did not realise what was happening until he was too late.

He lamented about how he was presentable and good-looking when he showed up but he ended up leaving the event looking like a ‘baboon’.

The video captures the singer completely exhausted and bewildered over the unfortunate turn of events.

Portable’s outcry stirred the following reactions: 

everything_lipcare: “This happened in lokoja, kogi state..I think he deserves it..he refused to stay one place and jumped into the crowd..and he spent about 15minutes allowing them touch him and they did all that..what was he expecting after that..even ogb recent lost his phone.” 

omotayor_x_: “Hope say dem no commot the Aluminum wey Dey his teeths too.” 

big__lummy: “I’ll be expecting a video of how it was done from him soon .” 

king_vince_: “You no sabi the kyn people wey de hear your songs? .” 

officialnosaobaseki: “They don reap my guy.” 

beyondfoods_fisheries: “Den don use juju collect super star properties .” 

angerlico: “Street don run street street.” 

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