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Actor Gideon Okeke Calls Out Filmmaker Frank Rajah Over Unpaid N500k Debt

Nollywood actor Gideon Okeke has called out popular filmmaker Frank Rajah who he claims the latter has been owing him for three years.

The actor in an Instagram post slammed the movie director describing him as one of the horrible bosses in Nollywood. He accused the producer of owing him after featuring him in a movie titled “The Bag Man”.

He explained that he has been owed the money for 3 years now but he’s stayed quiet. Gideon explained that some of his influential colleagues are aware of the debt and have refused to intervene.

Gideon said that Frank has said several times to him that nothing can be done to him. He continued by saying that if the proper structure has been established in the industry, Frank wouldn’t have dared to bully him or rip him off the money he worked for. 

Gideon also promised to take action if the movie is released without getting his payment.

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