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Snicky Armani calls out Shallipopi and his music producer over Beat Theft

Snicky Armani has taken to social media with receipts, to accuse his colleague Shallipopi and his music producer of stealing his beat.

Shallipopi, who has been a force to reckon with since his breakout single “Elon Musk”, released another banger titled ‘Ex-convict”, produced by the talented Spiritual Stringz.

Apparently, the ‘Ex-convict’ beat was made initially for Singer Snicky, and Spiritual Stringz went behind his back to sell it to Shallipopi.

Singer Snicky made public his WhatsApp conversation with Shallipopi’s producer, Spiritual Stingz.

Snicky, in the chats, had clearly warned Spiritual Stingz against using his beat. However, despite the explicit warning, the producer went ahead and used Snicky’s beat for Shallipopi’s track “Ex-convict.”

As a result, Snicky expressed his frustration and anger through a series of rants after Spiritual Stingz ignored his cautionary message.

Snicky posted audio of the beat he used for his song, and upon close examination, it is evident that the beat used in both songs is identical. Listen here.

The inspiration behind ‘Ex Convict’ stems from Shallipopi’s personal experience and encounter with the EFCC, resulting in his arrest.

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