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 Solomon Buchi’s Tweet makes it to American Live TV show

Life coach, Solomon Buchi’s controversial tweet to his partner made it to the front page of an international news site, known as E News, and have become the topic of discussion on American talk show, ‘The View’ .

Some days back, Solomon Buchi awkwardly tried to express his love and devotion for his fiancee, Adéọlá Àríkẹ́, by complimenting his lady as not the “most beautiful woman” nor “the most intelligent.” 

He wrote, “You’re not the most beautiful woman; neither are you the most intelligent woman, but I’ve chosen to never find perfection in anyone else. I put my gaze on you, and with that commitment, we would mold ourselves for ourselves. Our perfection is in our commitment. Stating that you’re not the most beautiful/intelligent might sound like it’s not a compliment, yeah? But it’s a realistic base for real love. Acknowledging that. y woman isn’t the best, but I’m not looking for the best. I was looking for you and I found you. There’s no best, there is just someone you chose and see the best in them. This to me is the real love. Not the one that consoles itself in the faux reality that their part er is the most good-looking, most intelligent, most successful person in the world. That’s disingenuous and doesn’t give room for love to thrive. My love for you isn’t about you being the best, it’s about you being you. There’s just no other you. I love you, ayanfe. I’m committed to you. I miss you so much!!! But my love for you is stronger than distance”.

The post quickly spread on social media, and Twitter immediately pounced on Buchi’s expression of love.

One user questioned, “So he couldn’t just leave it at she is beautiful and smart…he had to take her down a peg? A damn mess!”

Despite being dragged for the above, the writer tweeted again that he will not back down and apologise for writing to his woman.

Hours ago, the panel of the popular American talk show ‘The View’, made the his controversial tweet the topic of their discussion as they reacted to Solomon Buchi getting backlash over his social media tribute to his fiancée.

One of the members of the panel who is a veteran American actress, Whoopi Goldberg used the opportunity to give some relationship tips to his fiancee, Arike Adeola.

Whoopi said:

‘Just keep it calm, just know that he loves you, if you decide to marry him just know he is not asking you to be perfect but he is he is asking you to be the woman he loves’.

Sharing the video, Buchi wrote: “The conversation gets to The View Show today. Thank you @whoopigoldberg ✌❤️ and the lady who said: “to expect perfection is to be disappointed” and she added “he is approaching marriage wisely.” And to them hater in pink.” 

Reacting to this, Netizens congratulated Buchi, telling him that it’s a blessing in disguise.

oven_secret: “Haters will become believers .. Raise your price and go get your coins bro! Here for all of this .” 

daddyfreeze: “Congrats bro… this is big.” mr_danielnick: “To expect perfection is to be disappointed … ❤️.” 

dr_temielsie: “You’re global now.” 

o.n.y.i.n.y.e.c.h.u.k.w.u: “If what the enemy meant for evil, has been turned to good was a person @solomon_buchi .” 

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