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TAMPAN Bars Directors from working with Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing

The Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) has barred its registered directors from hiring or working with actresses Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing.

TAMPAN Executives in a panel discussion instructed that its members desist from working with the actresses over claims that they have, in recent times, disrespected the association on social media, with regards to the Baba Ijesha case.

Speaking on behalf of TAMPAN, Jide Kosoko revealed that though the actresses are not members, the association will not be constantly disrespected by allegations made on social media by them. Jide Kosoko noted that the association will work against her in the industry and continued that if anyone thinks they are above the law, they will frustrate them out of the industry. 

TAMPAN’s press statement reads:

“The attention of the Board of Trustees of TAMPAN and Elders of the Motion Picture Industry, especially of the Yoruba sector, have been drawn to the malicious damages being done to our sector by some unruly individuals that lack any iota of discipline and seeming to feel to be above the law.

As you may be aware, certain unpleasant things have happened lately that has dragged the name of our association, TAMPAN in particular and the industry in general in the mud, which in totality are against what we stand for as individuals and as a group of professionals.

We particularly observe the continuous derogatory statements made by Iyabo Ojo against the Association and the industry as a whole.

Please note that we are not against her stand on the issue of alleged rape or sexual assault as the case may be, which the Association and individuals have equally condemned at one time or the other, as we believe only a person without conscience will support rape or sexual assault in any form. However, Iyabo Ojo’s reckless accusations, abuses and embarrassment of our sector are also totally condemned.

Unfortunately, Nkechi Blessing has also joined in the Ignoble tirades against the Association and by extension, the industry and we say enough is enough! As pioneers of this noble industry, if we fold our arms and allow the continuous blackmail that sends negative signals across the world to go unchecked, the current situation that had impugned on our integrity will continue to grow to the detriment of humble practitioners, whose only source of livelihood is the practice of indigenous language movies (promoting Language to preserve culture.

Recall that this will not be the first time the association will bar Nkechi Blessing. The actress was barred alongside actor, Adams Kehinde over Baba Ijesha’s alleged rape case. The association later withdrew its position on Kehinde after he presented an apology to the association.

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