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The Johnsons’ Actress, Susan Pwajok finally pays her N90k debt after online embarrassment

Rising Nollywood actress and influencer, Susan Pwajok, has cleared her N90,000 debt after she was called out online by a phone vendor, and also dragged to filth on social media.

The phone vendor, Oluwaremilakun (@Chowwder_), on Twitter narrated how Susan had been owing him the money since June and even ghosted him since then. 

According to the vendor, the actress had told him that she needed to get a phone and a power bank. She asked if she could pay twice and that she would complete payment in two weeks, to which the vendor agreed.

He however, noted that after the two weeks elapsed, he started to text her on all social media platforms, but she wasn’t responding, so he reached out to one Daeves who was handling her account in order to reach the actress.

 The vendor said that after that, Susan started to blast him for telling her friend about her debt and that he even started to beg her to collect his own money. 

After the incessant calling out online, the vendor later took to his page to reveal that the actress had paid up. 

He thanked social media users for helping him escalate the matter and also wondered why she had to be called out before doing the needful. 

His post triggered the following reactions;

Ma.k.k.y wrote, “How do y’all sleep at night knowing you’re owing someone money.” 

Sharon_hosh: “She had to wait to be dragged for her to pay. This is so Shi*tty! Funnily, many people are like this. They’ll be in debt and be flexing, spending money on other things. They have the money but will just decide not to pay until the person takes a drastic decision… I don’t understand why.” 

Gigi.michael13: “Such a good guy. She didn’t do well at all.” 

Gonberichforeva: “People just can’t be honest!! Why must you be called out first?!” 

Ivannas_trunkofficial: “Omo this guy is such a good perosn. Better learn from this one. And if no be call out u no for see shingbai. Better de@d that friendship cos that girl has no regard for you. !” Thedaisy07: “Person dey owe you money you Dey call am babes and put ❤️ Emoji. Smh.” 

S_cyril_: “Next time don’t be calling your customers baby or babe no matter how close you are with them. Learn to be professional in business. You may not be lucky next time.”

 Moneycar_1: “This people with fake life I don tire why can’t she pay since till after the mess ” 

Nedumphotography: “Somebody tell you say she wan Ghost social media you still dey give am phone on credit.” 

Meanwhile, after the vendor called out Susan, another alleged victim spoke up online. 

According to one @Maazi_TW, he had paid her N25,000 in 2019 to help him influence for a song which she never did. The actress claimed not to have seen the money even after he confirmed from his bank that the funds went through. See his posts below: 

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