There Were Things Buhari Felt Could Have Been Done Better – Adesina

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity for former President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina, has said the former President regretted some of the decisions he made while in office and believed he could have handled some things better.

The ex-presidential spokesman stated this while he was a guest at a programme tagged ‘Media Dialogue with Femi Adesina’ organised by the Association of Veteran Journalists in Osogbo Osun State.

He claimed that he spoke with Buhari for two hours before he left office and asked him a wide range of issues.

“There is no living human being that will not regret certain things. It is one of the questions I asked the President.

“Before we left office, I sat with him for about two hours and I asked him every question under the sun; there was no question I didn’t ask him. There were things he (Buhari) felt could have been done better,” Adesina said.

Adesina stood up for Buhari’s divisive naira redesign strategy, claiming it was necessary for the welfare of the country.

“You will recall that even during that time, there was no kidnapping. I remember some people went to kidnap an APC chairman or is it secretary in Kano. After holding him for three days and nobody was calling to ask how much they will collect because there was no cash, they just slapped him three times and told him to go.

“Even kidnappers were out of business because there was no naira and do you know that we have a cleaner election because of that policy?

“Nine serving governors couldn’t go to the Senate. They contested but lost. Have you ever seen a governor who will contest an election and will not win? But because there was no money to spread around, they couldn’t win. The policy was not bad in its entirety. There were issues with it but it was not bad in its entirety,” he said.

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