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“There will be no disrespect as long as I am head of house” – Pere issues stern warning to his fellow housemates

Pere, who emerged as the winner for the third week’s Head of House challenge, has issued a stern warning to his fellow housemates, insisting that he doesn’t care about the impressions they have about him but he will not entertain any form of disrespect for as long as he is the head of the house.

Pere, who was not happy with the altercation that occurred in the house between Maria and one of the new housemates, Queen, called for a meeting in the house where he addressed his fellow housemates. 

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When the housemates gathered at the lounge, Pere addressed them and expressed his displeasure over how the housemates disregarded his power as the Head Of House. 

He started by mentioning that he doesn’t care what impression they have of him prior to him becoming the head of the house but that now, they must respect the “emblem” on him which is the “Head of House”.

“I don’t care the impression you have of me prior to me occupying the position of Head of House. The position comes with respect. Disrespect me as a person but the emblem on my neck signifies authority. So, there will be no disrespect as long as I am head of house. We are not kids we are adults”.

Have I made myself clear? he asked, and his fellow housemates answered in the affirmative, “Yes”.

He concluded by saying ”That is all I just wanted to say. Goodnight”.

Pere and his deputy, Maria, also changed the roster of duties for each housemate. They also changed WhiteMoney from the kitchen duties with the reason that WhiteMoney cooking consistently will make him feel the housemates cannot do without him.

The reign of Maria and Pere has garnered the attention of fans who accused Maria of taking the HOH role from Pere. 

@fegish1, said, “Pere won the HoH but Maria is the one action. Her husband’s property truly belongs to her.”

“Na Maria go rule this Pere’s administration,” @metronaija tweeted.

Mphephu_Troy, wrote, “If you thought Maria was just going to cruise as DHOH, you were wrong. She is holding it down for Pere and supporting him 100%. I love her authority.”

@elechi_mwabiti said, “Pere delegated food issue to Maria…awesome”

@oluwaoine, said, “I called my mum and she’s telling me Pere letting Maria do some HOH duties is a sign that he’s a gentle man,that he doesn’t want to overshadow Her and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Maria has taken over the HOH role. Pere is too soft,” @pilltaken said.

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