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“If you think cooking is a strategy in BBNaija’s house, then y’all are wrong” -Rico Swavey

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Rico Swavey has countered Head of House, Pere’s opinion that Whitemoney’s winning strategy is cooking.

Since the inception of the show, Whitemoney has dedicated his time to cook for the housemates but when Pere emerged as the third week’s Head of House, he made some adjustments, first relieving Whitemoney of his kitchen duties. 

Pere, in a chat with Maria, his deputy, insisted that Whitemoney is using his cooking skills as a game strategy. He expressed his displeasure over Whitemoney’s domineering attitude in the kitchen, saying it is odd for one person to cook for the entire house. 

Pere said, “I’m against the idea of one person cooking for everybody for the entire stay. It’s not logical because that creates a ‘you all would need me’ or ‘you all have to need me’ mentality, which is very detrimental. It is horrible and I don’t like that.”

Maria defended Whitemoney, saying that he knows how well the kitchen operations work.

“But this is not a vacation, this is a game. And if that’s his strategy, that’s a good strategy but I wouldn’t take it,” Pere said.

He added, “That’s why I must do everything I can to have him not be in the kitchen all the time. I can cook.”

When Maria asked Pere why he hasn’t ever volunteered to cook, he stated that he doesn’t want a tussle with anybody. 

Pere went on to place his deputy, Maria, in charge of the kitchen during his reign as head of house.

However, former Big Brother Naija housemate, Rico Swavey has opined that cooking in the house is not a winning strategy and anyone who thinks cooking is a strategy is wrong because “You cook cause you wanna eat or feed. Simple”. It can be recalled that while Rico was in the house, he also cooked for the housemates but didn’t make it to the top 5.

In a tweet, Rico wrote, ‘If y’aII are thinking cooking is a strategy in #bbnaija house then y’aII are ng.. Upbringinihnd the urge to feed people is the motivation. I mean if you love to cook why not?”

Nonetheless, observant viewers have come to the conclusion that this set of Big Brother Naija housemates are the dirtiest ever seen in the house. 

@glitz Cynthia took to her Twitter account to start the thread; “I think this is the dirtiest we have ever seen #bbnaija house… I mean this set of housemates are the worst ever”, she tweeted.

A tweet, which got a lot of response and reactions which majorly supported Whitemoney as the only neat housemate.

See the Twitter thread below:

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